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Rehearsals will be held at First Presbyterian Church of Richardson, 271 Walton St, Richardson, TX 75081. The first rehearsal will take place Wednesday, May 22 6pm to 9pm. Remaining rehearsals are as follows: 5/22, 5/29, 5/31, 6/05, 6/07.


Since this show has very few rehearsal dates we expect all cast to come into the first rehearsal with their lines memorized. This will help us block the show quickly and have enough rehearsal time to put on a delightful show. A trick to get those lines memorized is to record them and listen to them in the car, while doing dishes, laundry or everyday things. We will make arrangements to get scripts in your hands with plenty of time to have them memorized by the first rehearsal.


All performances will be held on the lawn of First Presbyterian Church of Richardson.


Please mark Tech / Dress dates in your calendar as they are mandatory and crucial to the performance. All Tech Week rehearsals will be held at the performance venue.


Sunday, June 9th: Monday, June 10th: Wednesday, June 12th: Thursday, June 13th:


June 14th @ 7:30pm June 15th @ 7:30pm

4pm to 8pm 6pm to 9:30pm 6pm to 9:30pm 6pm to 9:30pm

COST: $50 per participant; Family Cap of $125

Our heart is to provide aordable theater for students and their families so we strive to keep our cost minimal. The cost of the show helps us cover the cost of the show expenses. If your family needs a scholarship or you would be willing to oer a scholarship to another student or family please let us know. Payment is due on the first rehearsal, May 22. You may pay by check, Zelle, or PayPal. An invoice will be sent to you via email if you wish to pay via PayPal.


We ask that all participants that are 18 or older or adult volunteers who work directly with students complete a background check. Background checks cost $12. If you have already completed a background check with us in the past year you will not have to do another one at this time. Additional costs associated with the show are the cost of your costume. The purchase of a show shirt or Accolade Ad is optional.


Accolade Community Theatre is a volunteer-run organization. We rely on parent involvement to help keep kids safe and ensure that our rehearsals and performances run smoothly. You will be asked to volunteer to help either load in or tear down and also for a performance or two. Participating in a play with Accolade does involve a family time commitment. Team work helps make the dream work.


You can place your production orders for the Production Fee, T-Shirts, and Accolade ads using the form on this page.


Available Soon


A Midsummer Night’s Dream Bio Form

Please submit your bios here. The spelling of your child’s name here is the way it will appear in the playbill and on the show shirts. You will submit a bio for each child that is participating. We need their name, part in the play, age, and grade.

Here’s an example:
Isaac Hargrave (Randolph Macafee/Teen Boy) is 11 years old and in 6th grade. He is homeschooled and has a puppy shark (AKA dog) named Ruby June. This is Isaac’s 4th play. He has been in The Wizard Of Oz and Trials of Robin Hood here at WAG. He loves acting, singing, dancing, being a little brother and talking about himself in the thrid person. He hopes you enjoy the show.

Please open and sign each of these documents for each child in your family who will participate in “Charlotte’s Web.”

A Midsummer Night’s Photo/Video Release

A Midsummer Night’s Liability Waiver